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Investment Advice, Wexford and Dublin - Quigley Financial Brokers - How to invest money wisely

You work hard for your money. Now it’s time to make your money work for you. Good investment advice can give you the knowledge to take control of your future and give you financial freedom after you retire.


First time investing, or need a helping hand in finding the best way to grow your money?

Our 3-step process will help give you peace of mind:


  1. Contact us today to have a brief discussion about your financial situation.

  2. Book your consultation with a Qualified Financial Advisor to discuss your investment requirements.

  3. We recommend the most suitable product with the best terms possible to protect and grow your wealth.


At Quigley Financial Brokers, investing is what we know and do best. We are more than willing to help you figure out what investment options would work best for you.


In addition to learning your options, we will also help you understand and implement safe and smart investment strategies.


Finding the best ways to minimize risk while also ensuring a steady and sustainable stream of financial growth.


Let us help you to navigate common pitfalls.


Like anything in life, investing can come with risks. The way to minimise these risks is to be aware of the most common mistakes in first time investing to help you navigate the investment world.


  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Speak to us today about how diversification can benefit you.

  • Don’t just leave your money sitting in your bank account. Money depreciates over time and investing will help grow your money to suit your future lifestyle.

  • Our investments the income and gains are allowed to build up tax free until every 8th anniversary.

  • Talk to us today if you are concerned about your money losing value!             

Our areas of expertise.

  • Corporate investments

  • Lump sum investments

  • Re investing maturities

  • Savings plans

  • Gift tax planning

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