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At Quigley Financial Brokers, we help you prepare for as many aspects in your life as possible.


Protect yourself, your family and your wealth in the event of unforseen events.

Our 3-step process will help give you peace of mind:


  1. Contact us today to have a brief chat.

  2. Book your free consultation with a Qualified Financial Advisor to discuss your protection needs.

  3. We recommend the most suitable protection product with the best terms possible.


A brief overview of our insurance plans:


  • Life insurance 

Our life is the most important thing we have. How can you make sure that your family and loved ones are cared for? A life insurance policy brings you life insurance over an agreed term. If you die during this term, your family will be provided for financially. It may make sense to avail of this cover for your key working years, when you have dependents who rely on your income.

  • Serious illness cover

Some illnesses can have a significant impact on your life. They can stop you from working and your recovery may require assistance and time. That's where serious illness cover comes in. Serious illness cover (sometimes called critical illness cover) provides you with financial support if you are diagnosed with a serious illness​.


  • Mortgage protection

Your home is your haven and you have to protect it. Mortgage protection is a dedicated type of life insurance. It helps secure the ownership of your home by helping to clear your outstanding mortgage if you die, or if selected, if you are diagnosed with a specified serious illness, within a specified term.

  • Income protection

Income protection provides you with money each month if you are ill or injured and you are unable to work, until you can work again. You can use the money to pay your bills, or cover expenses you might build up around medical treatment. You can use it to keep doing the things that make you happy. However, you decide to use your money, it’s there to support you and your family so you can focus on getting better.


  • Business insurance

Business protection is like life insurance for your business. It helps safeguard its most valuable assets – its owners, shareholders and employees and helps ensure business continuity. Business protection insurance provides financial support should anything happen to you or a key individual involved in your business, offering you peace of mind so you can focus on running and growing the business.

  • Partnership insurance

A partnership is a form of business ownership with two or more owners who agree to pool talent and money, and share the profits or losses of that Partnership. The death of one of the partners can have serious financial consequences for those left behind in that business. Partnership insurance will protect the financial security of the partnership by making sure that funds are available to compensate the deceased partner’s estate for his/her share of the partnership. A partnership insurance policy can also cover the diagnosis of a serious illness of a partner.

  • Inheritance tax planning

You can plan for this payment through a section 72 insurance policy which is a revenue approved life insurance policy, the proceeds of which are tax free, if used to settle an inheritance tax bill (max age to issue a policy 75).​


To discuss your protection needs book your free consultation with a Qualified Financial Advisor.

Our areas of expertise.

  • Life assurance

  • Serious illness cover

  • Mortgage protection

  • Income protection

  • Business protection

  • Partnership insurance

  • Inheritance tax planning

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