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Quigley Financial Brokers is an independently-owned Wealth Management Firm regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland offering Clear. Concise. Professional Advice.

to individual and corporate clients since 1997.

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Hi, I'm Conleith Quigley, a Qualified Financial Advisor, Wealth Management Expert.


My experience in the financial industry has given me an in-depth understanding of how to effectively create wealth.


I have helped countless individual and corporate clients for over 25 years create and execute plans for securing their financial future and protecting their wealth.

I always ensure that I get to know each client personally and understand their specific financial needs which allow me to provide them tailored advice and guidance on the best way to build short, medium, and long-term wealth.

I am highly experienced and dedicated to helping my clients make informed financial decisions that will help them meet their financial future goals.

I pride myself in being very accessible to all my clients and available to share my deep expertise, knowledge and wisdom.

Conleith Quigley - Quigley Financial Brokers - QFA - Qualified Financial Advisor, Wexford and Dublin

                                                        QFA RPA

Schedule a meeting directly with me via my online calendar to discuss your area of interest. This meeting, preferably via video-call or face-to-face, takes approx. 60 - 90 minutes for which there is a consultancy fee of €150.

Once scheduled, a fact-finding form will be sent to the email address provided for you to complete and return so I can analyse the information provided to prepare for the meeting in advance, the fact-finding form is structured with lots of questions to provide a starting point for discussion. 

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