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Insurance services, Wexford and Dublin - Quigley Financial Brokers - Life Assurance, Income Protection, Health Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Business Protection, Inheritance Tax Planning

We never think we need it, but it helps to have it. At Quigley Financial Brokers, we help you prepare for as many aspects in your life as possible.


With a wide range of products, our plans are never a one size fits all.


Don’t let life’s curveballs take you out of the game.


Our three-step process will help you find the best options for a homerun:


  1. Contact us today to have a brief discussion about your financial situation.

  2. Book your consultation with a Qualified Financial Advisor to discuss your requirements.

  3. We recommend the most suitable product with the best terms possible to protect you, your family and your wealth.


Here is a brief overview.


  • Life insurance and income protection

Our life is the most important thing we have. How can you make sure that in case of the worst, your family and loved ones are cared for? We can ensure that your loved ones are, at the very least, financially cushioned from the loss or our income is replaced in event of an accident, sickness, or illness, for life.


We will help you figure out the best options to protect yourself and your family in case of such a devastating loss or pass your assets to your family, tax free.


  • Health

When it comes to health, investing in insurance could save your life later on. With health issues being as predictable as they are, knowing that you won’t have to worry about healthcare bills as you fight to recover is very comforting.


  • Mortgage protection

Your home is your haven and you have to protect it. Learn about all your options as well as how to narrow things down to the best possible cover. After all, not all insurance products are created equal.


  • Personal income and other supplementary streams

You work hard to live the life you deserve. Don’t let the unexpected change that. Whether it’s losing your job or experiencing failures in business, it helps to have a good insurance product to serve as a safety net. That way, if your job, business, or other sources of income are at risk of drying up, you will have time and a bit of capital to help you strategize and bounce back.

Our areas of expertise.

  • Life assurance

  • Serious illness cover

  • Mortgage protection

  • Income protection

  • Business protection

  • Partnership insurance

  • Inheritance tax planning

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