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Hi, I'm Conleith Quigley,

These days the financial world can often seem a very impersonal place. People often complain of being treated as a number.  I know this perhaps more than most, as a large part of my job is to deal with these institutions on behalf of my client...  


Your 3 steps to
financial peace of mind


Get in Touch


Discover & Discuss


Agree the Plan

& Implement it

Step 1. Get in Touch -  We'll have a brief chat about you and your financial situation. I will then advise if you need to take things to the next level and how I can be of help. 

Step 2. Discover & Discuss - If necessary, we will have a comprehensive meeting to discuss your needs, concerns and objectives. This meeting, via Zoom or in person, takes approx. 60 - 90 minutes (for which there is a consultancy fee of €150). Once scheduled, I'll advise you what relevant information I'll require, so I can prepare for our meeting in advance.

Step 3. Agree the Plan & Implement it - Following the meeting and on your instruction, I will prepare recommendations. I will present you with my professional advice in a clear and concise manner and implement on your instruction.

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