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Mortgage Services

Are you about to buy a new house? Maybe it is your very first purchase and you cannot wait to finally be a homeowner. It could be that it’s not really your first time on the rodeo and you just want to upgrade or downsize for the next stage in your life. 

Whatever your case is, a good mortgage may just be the final piece to the puzzle that is your dream home. And this is exactly what we are here to help you with.

3 common mistakes homeowners make with mortgages

A well-thought out mortgage can actually be a fantastic investment for you as a homeowner. However, there are 3 common mistakes that will make even the best-looking of mortgage plans a financial trap. 

1. House-hunting before approval

While it is nice to do some recon work to get a sense of what is on the market while shopping for a house, it is better to focus your energy on getting approved in principal from a bank for the maximum you can borrow for the mortgage first. This will make it way easier and faster for you to close on houses you are interested in especially in a competitive market. 

2. Settling too soon on mortgage plans

Not all mortgages are created equal. And while you may have a preference for one bank or lender over another, it is always best to do your due diligence and compare a few providers before settling. This will give you a more objective perspective on your options so you can make a truly informed decision.

3. Shopping beyond your means

It is never a good idea to max out your mortgage limit unless it is the house of your dreams and then some. Remember that this is not only an investment but also a long-term liability. Make sure you consider your financial capabilities, both current and projected, to avoid digging yourself into a hole you can’t get out of. 

Let us help you through the process

Whether it is your first time getting a mortgage or you are considering making changes to a current plan, you have come to the right place for guidance. 

For first time homeowners. This is your chance to learn about the process of application in terms of requirements as well as mortgage do’s and don’ts. 

For current homeowners, you will get access to a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you figure your way around the real estate and credit institutions for whatever move you want to make. That way, you know where to start whether you are trying to sell your home, take a second mortgage on the same property, or even switch to a different lender.

Reach out today

Schedule a meeting with Conleith via online calendar to help you with your mortgage enquiry. Once scheduled, he will email an enquiry form for completion, to return for review, in order to prepare for the meeting in advance. Choose zoom or in-person, a date, time and location that suits you, takes approx. 60 - 90 minutes for which there is a consultancy fee of €150.


Your new home is just around the corner

Our 3 step process:

1. Brief chat about your financial situationI will then suggest if you need to book a consultation

2. Book consultation to discuss your application to see does it meet the minimum standard requirements, Once scheduled, an enquiry form will be emailed for completion, to return for review in order to prepare for the meeting in advance

3. Completed application form and supplementary documentation submitted to lender for approval in principal

Our mortgage products
  • Public sector

  • First time buyers

  • Trading up

  • Trading down

  • Self build

  • Buy to let

  • Re mortgage

  • Consolidate loans

  • Equity release

  • Mortgage switch & save

  • Lifetime mortgage aged 60 or over

  • Home reversion aged over 55

  • Warnings


You work so hard every day to make money. It is time you learned how to make your money work for you. Mastering the art of investment can truly change your life from giving you current financial freedom to helping secure your future after you retire. 


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If there is anything that the last couple of decades have taught is that life is very unpredictable. One day the world is riding a financial high and the next we are in an economic recession. One year you are healthy and the next it feels like you are literally fighting for your life. 

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Retirement can be a truly scary prospect for most of us. There is so much uncertainty not to mention the constant struggle and existential crisis that comes with having to redefine your purpose.


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