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Pension Services

Retirement can be a truly scary prospect for most of us. There is so much uncertainty not to mention the constant struggle and existential crisis that comes with having to redefine your purpose. 

However, it is not all doom and gloom. If you play your cards right and prepare adequately for your future, your retirement years will be some of the best in your life. 

You want to travel? You will be able to do it. 

You want to indulge in that random hobby that you put off for lack of time? Well, you will have all the time, and with our help all the resources, that you will need to do this. 

You want to spoil your grandkids rotten? No one will be able to stop you. Except your own kids maybe, but that’s beside the point.

Let us help you plan for the best years of your life

At Quigley Financial Brokers, your financial prosperity and peace of mind are our top priorities. We are dedicated to helping our clients figure out the best saving and investment plans for a healthy and sustainable pension in retirement. 

You will get personalized attention so we can work on a customized plan that best suits your current circumstances and expectations.

Why us?​

We will start with an initial consultation to assess your situation. This gives us a good idea of what direction to take and options to explore. 


The next step is identifying the specific feasible options and finally we will help you explore all these paths to financial freedom in your retirement.

At Quigley Financial Brokers, you as the client are always going to be the star of the show and the focus of our energy and effort. You can therefore rest assured that we are just as invested in your future as you are. You are in safe hands. 

In the world of finance, experience makes all the difference and you will have full access to ours as we figure out the best pension investment options for you with over 25 years experience. 

With over 25 years experience we will advise you on the best pension options available, everyone’s pension needs are different. Maybe you want to start a pension plan from scratch before it’s too late maximizing tax relief on contributions within net relevant earnings. You could also already have a pension plan that you want to optimize review or mature as we are experts in this field. 

Our wide range of providers ensure that all these pension-related needs and more are adequately covered.

At Quigley Financial Brokers, you can look forward to the perfect balance between professionalism and a personal touch.

We appreciate how personal the journey to retirement is and our
pension services are specially geared towards helping you feel as comfortable and cared for as possible. 


Reach out today

Schedule a meeting with Conleith via online calendar to help you with your enquiry. Once scheduled, he will email a form for completion, to return for review, in order to prepare for the meeting in advance. Choose zoom or in-person, a date, time and location that suits you, takes approx. 60 - 90 minutes for which there is a consultancy fee of €150.

Get the best pension advice available​

Our 3 step process:

1. Brief chat about your financial situation, I will then suggest if you need to book a consultation

2. Book consultation to discuss your requirements, review existing contracts to source better terms

3. Recommend the most suitable product with the best terms possible

Our pension products
  • Personal pensions

  • PRSAs

  • Executive pensions

  • Corporate pensions

  • AVCs

  • Buy-out bonds

  • Self administered pensions

  • Auto enrolement group pensions

  • Investing pensions in real property

  • Maturing retirement benefits

  • Annuities

  • Approved retirement funds


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