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Hi, I’m Conleith Quigley,

a Qualified Financial Advisor, offering clear, concise, professional advice on mortgages, investments, pensions and inheritance tax planning since 1997.


These days the financial world can often seem a very impersonal place. People often complain of being treated as a number. I know this perhaps more than most, as a large part of my job is to deal with these institutions on behalf of my clients.  

I prefer the old school approach to doing business based on meaningful personal contact. I was schooled by three older financial advisors who instilled in me a real sense of the importance of personal connection.

They taught me the importance of getting to know what my clients' vision is for their future, and helping them to achieve it. Let’s face it, financial instruments are not the most exciting subject for everyone. My passion is to find ways to simplify these subjects and present them to my clients so that they can make the best decisions.

They taught me to strive to make a real financial difference for each and every client, and that’s why I'll always go the extra mile.

So after all these years you can trust that I will deliver you a result that is second to none, and worth every penny.

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